Clean Air Day takes place on Thursday 21 June 2018


It provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the important issue of air pollution, as well as the steps you can take to improve air quality both in your local area as well as your home.

We know that air pollution impacts on our health and wellbeing, increasing the risk of heart disease, cancer (particularly lung cancer), diabetes and asthma attacks.

There are a number of causes of air pollution including emissions from cars, particularly diesel cars, cars not being well maintained and open fires and stoves.

There are simple steps you can do to help reduce pollution and protect yourself and your family.  These are:-

  • Use your feet – leave your car at home and walk, cycle, take the bus.  As well as cutting down on the amount of pollution you make, you can get some exercise too!
  • Switch your engine off when stationary – you’ll help to make the air cleaner for you, other drivers and pedestrians.
  • When upgrading your car, consider a low polluting alternative such as an electric or LPG model, which will also save you money on road tax too.
  • Save your log burner for the cold winter – consider Defra-approved stoves, use authorised fuel and only light your wood burner when you really have too.
  • BBQs are often an overlooked source of air pollution.  Use dry, seasoned wood or smokeless fuels to reduce yours and your neighbours exposure.
  • Open your windows when cooking or using cleaning products.
  • Only fill your kettle with water for what you need.
  • Switching lights off when you don’t need them.
  • Only put the washing machine on when you have a full load.
  • Ensure you have your boiler regularly serviced.

All of these small steps can make a big difference.

Further information about Clean Air Day and other ideas to help you minimise pollution can be found on the Clean Air Day website or follow the day’s activities on Twitter @cleanairdayuk