Knowsley Health and Wellbeing Board Updates: 2018


January 2018

The Health and Wellbeing Board has not met since the last update.  The next Formal Health & Wellbeing Board is on 18 January 2017 with the following items being considered;

  • Children and Young People’s Mental Health Transformation Plan (refresh) – The Board is being consulted on the refreshed Plan, which is led by the Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Strategy – This item is going to the Board to be endorsed, subject to it being approved by Cabinet.
  • Housing and Health – An update on the key themes coming out of engagement exercises on this topic area and the next steps will be presented by the Knowsley Engagement Forum.
  • Promoting Healthy Living – An update on this priority area will be presented, including progress against an action plan to provide the Board with assurance that progress is being made.
  • Health and Wellbeing Campaigns 2018 – A proposed health and wellbeing campaigns plan for 2018 is being proposed and a reflection on the success of campaigns supported during 2017.  The Board is being asked to support the plan, including the commitment of resources.
  • Screening and Immunisation – This item presents the latest position in relation to screening and immunisation performance and key issues.