Promoting Healthy Living

We recognise that promoting healthy living through encouraging positive lifestyle choices and by ensuring that environments promote health is essential.  Prevention is better than cure so we believe that by working together and with a range of partners we can raise awareness and influence others to reduce inequalities, improve health and life chances.  This will require action both locally and over the Liverpool City Region and Cheshire and Merseyside footprints to maximise reach, impact and partnership working.

To promote healthy living we will specifically do the following:

  • Develop a joint campaign and communication plan which will be used to promote prevention, positive lifestyle choices and early detection of disease.
  • Fundamental to improving the health and wellbeing is addressing the wider influences of health, such as poverty, housing, employment, education and crime. Therefore we will influence other local and Liverpool City Region bodies to consider health within their plans and programmes to promote healthy environments, reduce poverty and its impacts and address inequalities.

We expect partners to shape their commissioning and other activities to do the following:

  • Prioritise and include actions to address the priority health and wellbeing needs identified in the JSNA within their plans.
  • Have prevention as a key element within their individual plans and programmes to promote positive behaviours, including lifestyle choices and health promoting environments.  This will include a particular focus on organisations to ‘make every contact count’.  This is about making the most of the interactions frontline staff have with the public to support the holistic needs of individuals.
  • Continue to transform health and social care services to deliver better care, encourage independent living, reduce social isolation and join up services in order to reduce pressures on services. This includes;
    • Working in partnership to integrate commissioning and provision more productively (including the delivery of work supported by the Better Care Fund).
    • The mobilisation of and support for the community and voluntary sector to provide services directly; and,
    • The delivery of initiatives such as Extra Care Housing to encourage independent living and reduce social isolation.

Plans for the Promoting Healthy Living priority will be developed further as part of the process of developing the Board’s action plan.